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session replay recording

482 Popular Websites Are Recording Your Every Keystroke And Mouse Movements

Most of you might be knowing that the websites you visit use third-party analytics scripts to record your visits and the pages you open....
iphone 2018 mocjups

2018 iPhones Could Finally Arrive With Dual-Sim And Superfast Gigabit LTE: Report

2018 iPhone mockups (Image: The year 2017 marked one of the biggest changes to iPhone in the form of a full-screen design that ditched...
why is my computer so slow

10 Reasons Why Your Computer Hates You More Than Ever | Fix Slow Computer

Do you use a computer nowadays? The answer could be yes because that might be the machine you're using to read this post. So, without...
google tracking location using cell tower data

Google Is Tracking Your Android Phone’s Location Even With Location Turned Off

What do you do when you don't want Google to track your activities and location continuously? Few steps you take in such situations are...
Protest Against Uber Budapest

Uber Paid Hackers $100,000 To “Protect” 57 Million Users’ Data

On Tuesday, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowashahi revealed in a blog post what the ride-hailing company was hiding from the public since October 2016, i.e.,...
game of thrones season 8 script leak

Game Of Thrones ‘HBO’ Hacker Has Been Finally Identified And Charged

Earlier this year, HBO faced a setback in the form of a massive hacking attack on its internal servers that resulted in the theft...